The сИстра's 2010/11's EPs, Singles.

Tiny Boat (2010)

Highlight Of The Show (2010)

Диафон (2010)

All My Friends Were Dead (2011)

All of this are downloadable on their Facebook bandpage. HERE

totally perfect #38-45

totally perfect #38 / Antioch Arrow "Gems Of Masochism"

totally perfect #39 / Das Oath "Das Oath"

totally perfect #40 / Love Life "Here Is Night, Brothers, Here The Birds Burn"

totally perfect #41 / Orthrelm "Norildivoth Crallos Lomrixth Urthiln"

totally perfect #42 / Snapcase "Bright Flashes"

totally perfect #43 / Recover "Rodeo And Picasso"

totally perfect #44 / Waterdown "All Riot"

totally perfect #45 / Daughters "Canada Songs"


Human Tetris "Silver Tears" bandcamp page

Silver Tears

Human Tetris "Silver Tears"
They are from Moscow. Really amazing band.

My opinion doesn't have the power like Pitchfolk or NME, but I want to say.


Gifts from Gerardo.

Gerardo (Letters From Readers) sent me the amazing gifts! 3CDs and a few stickers! And the CD is this!

Thank you, Gerardo!

each albums are awesome!


A Good, A Bad, And What?

One of my favorite label, Indian Gold Records release their label compilation.

"In Heat"

and it includes...
1 Science Fiction – Halloween Swim Team [US]
2 Vampire – Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! [ITA]
3 Endless Summer [Jacob Safari Mix] – Batwings Catwings [US]
4 The Meeting – Letters From Readers [MX]
5 He Sits Down To Piss – Farrows [US]
6 Annie Dee – Bizzart [US]
7 Before The Horse Fall – Jung Sing [MX]
8 Tig Ol Bitties – Stripper Pussy [US]
9 1986 – Maria y Jose [MX]
10 Greasy Pigs Palm – King Honky Tonk [US]
11 Buzz Killer – Vampire Slayer [MX]
12 Sometime – Señuelo [MX]

This is a good punk, noise, drone, ambient, dance compilation.
you can download it HERE

Especially Halloween Swim Team is good.


And Mexicali's dance punk band Noise Beat Propaganda up their live version of "Can't Let You Go" on their bandcamp page.

@Emprise Soundlab

Get it HERE


Please abolish the nuclear power generation, Japan!


We can share all the good things.

No more lights for the illumination of the department store.

Lights for hearts.


Just sing.



FUINE magazine has indefinite hiatus.
but we'll come back absolutely.


Hello, all the American, Canadian, French, German, English, or any other country's people, please smile for all the victims. your smile is the power of people.



「2011年3月11日に発生した「東北地方太平洋沖地震」の被害に対し、漫画家である自分たちが漫画を描くことで支援できないだろうか。そんな思いで立ち上げました。 2011年4月頒布予定です!」


青木俊直/青木光恵/天羽真理/あべかよこ/阿部ゆたか/あらい・まりこ/池尻エリクソン/石田敦子/伊藤黒介/浦地コナツ/江崎ころすけ/王嶋環/カレー沢薫/ カワハラ恋/川村りばー/木野陽/久保内信行/ 久保田順子/ゴンドウケンジ/神奈川のりこ/上福忍/桐原小鳥/楠見らんま/海月れおな/くりきまる/小池田マヤ /こいずみまり/小坂俊史/ 小島アジコと801ちゃん/後藤羽矢子/小林銅蟲/さくらいま/佐藤真冬/佐藤両々/さんりようこ/しおやてるこ/重野なおき/ 白石 稔/ソウマトウ/高久尚子/龍波しゅういち/長崎ライチ/なかしまゆみこ/なるあすく/日路/猫田リコ/野広実由/春吉86% /春原ロビンソン/日高トモキチ/ふかさくえみ/ふくた伊佐央/ 藤生/藤島じゅん/古川紀子/北条 晶/星わたる/まがりひろあき/みずしな孝之/室井大資/むんこ/桃井はるこ/ 森井ケンシロウ/山口舞子/結城鹿介/吉田貴司/吉田仲良/渡辺伊織/若尾はるか」



This three or four days.

Morning: I wake.

Afternoon: I go to the place where I work.

Early evening: I go back to the home.

Evening: I read some comic or book.

Night: I just sleep.

Again morning: I wake...

I heard no music.

Then tonight: I hear the compilation album
"In Heat" of IndianGold Rcrds.

And some Halloween Swim Team tracks.

Music makes my mind steadiness.


I'm alright!

Gerardo (Letters From Readers), Pink Pony Club, Diana (Narkotiki), Marco (Lavatch), Valentin (Maniqui Lazer), Alejandro (ex Nuuro)... Thank you so much for sending me the message! We (my family, friends and I) 're safe, we're alright! Thank you! -Azusa


Marco's 10 Best Albums!

Now, I'm planning new article for FUINE magazine
volume 14 and 15.

and it is...

Don't miss it!


totally perfect #31-37

totally perfect #31 / Of Montreal "Skeletal Lamping"

totally perfect #32 / Of Montreal "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?"

totally perfect #33 / Cristina "Doll In The Box"

totally perfect #34 / Pretty Girls Make Graves "Good Health"

totally perfect #35 / Hidden In Plain View "Life In Dreaming"

totally perfect #36 / Rocket From The Crypt "Scream, Dracula, Scream!"

totally perfect #37 / 野狐禅 "便器に頭を突っ込んで"

Yakozen is Japanese awesome folk band. now, the band is broke up. I think they are Japanese Hot Water Music or Dashboard Confessional. R.I.P. forever....


The noise pop band from Barcelona.

You can find more info and their awesome songs on their Facebook page.


totally perfect #21-30

totally perfect #21 / The Fools "No More War 〜戦争反対〜"

totally perfect #22 / Soft Cell "Non Stop Erotic Cabaret"

totally perfect #23 / Swing Kids "Discography"

totally perfect #24 / Thursday "Waiting"

totally perfect #25 / The Replacements "Don't Tell A Soul"

totally perfect #26 / Adam & Naive "Camera Songs"

totally perfect #27 / Parts & Labor "Mapmaker"

totally perfect #28 / Quintron "Are You Ready For An Organ Solo?"

totally perfect #29 / Mickey Brown "Soul Glo"

totally perfect #30 / Parts & Labor "Receivers"

totally perfect #11-20

totally perfect #11 / Moros Eros "I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright"

totally perfect #12 / Genghis Tron "Cloak Of Love"

totally perfect #13 / The Chinese Stars "A Rare Sensation"

totally perfect #14 / Liars "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned"

totally perfect #15 / Ministry "Twitch"

totally perfect #16 / Gogogo Airheart "Gogogo Airheart"

totally perfect #17 / Melt Banana "Cell-Scape"

totally perfect #18 / Elán "Detektivka"

totally perfect #19 / Alkaline Trio "Good Mourning"

totally perfect #20 / The Blood Brothers "Rumors Laid Waste"


totally perfect #01-10

This album (or EP) cover photo series is my musical background. and this is fun for just me, sorry!;) if you have some interest to any album of here, just buy it and listen! then you'll absolutely love it! and the number of here is not ranking. and all the albums, EPs of here are the album that is totally perfect from first to last!

通しで聴いて傑作と呼べる作品を挙げていくシリーズです。とりあえずの目標は100コ! 最近は聴いてなかった、っていう作品もあったりします。まさに、温故知新。ふぃねの今年のテーマの一つです。再発見できて、久々に聴いて、自分が楽しい! というシリーズです。100コ到達したら、そのあとどうするか考えましょう。これが以外とアルバム通しっていうのは100はなかなかないよね。第一回は一気に10コね。ナンバーはランキングじゃないけど、第一回の内容は確かにランキング化した時にも上位に食い込むだろう作品だと思います。


totally perfect #01 / In Flames "Clayman"

totally perfect #02 / The Chinese Stars "Listen To Your Left Brain"

totally perfect #03 / Geronimo "Geronimo"

totally perfect #04 / Cheer-Accident "Introducing Lemon"

totally perfect #05 / Far "Water & Solutions"

totally perfect #06 / マーガレットズロース "マーガレットズロースのロックンロール"

totally perfect #07 / Taking Back Sunday "Tell All Your Friends"

totally perfect #08 / Primus "Pork Soda"

totally perfect #09 / Hopesfall "No Wings To Speak Of"

totally perfect #10 / Hot Water Music "Caution"